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Teacher. Speaker. Medicine Woman.

Mandy is an expert in the field of mindfulness and meditation, keynote speaker, master coach, and podcast host who is committed to guiding people and organizations into their highest and most fulfilling potential. She left her successful job as an athletic trainer for professional athletes and high performers to pursue a cause that she was deeply passionate about: mental and spiritual health.
Despite the significant stress, burnout and insecurity that many people were experiencing, 2012 was not yet a welcoming and compassionate place to discuss mental health issues and yet, that is exactly what Mandy set out to do.
Mandy has since written and facilitated hundreds of training programs, certifying over 3,000 mindfulness and meditation teachers worldwide and her reach extends deep into the education, medical, corporate, and various wellness industries. But, perhaps her most passionate work has been the anti-trafficking organizations that she partnered with in India and Nepal to bring both healing programs and sustainable business start-ups to life.
In 2016, after spending a year with her family in Indonesia, Mandy decided to return home to Canada to serve the bursting bubble of mental illness in the best way that she knew how.  She knew that she needed to create a home base, and a community for those struggling with anxiety, depression, and a lack of purpose in their lives, and from there, Canada’s first mainstream meditation centre was born. The pandemic may have cut short the life of the centre, but thousands of people experienced significant transformation and self-empowerment as a result of what they had experienced.
After a quick pivot into the online space, Mandy still serves a global community today through her online community-based platform, known as “The Practice,” through her podcast, “Waking Up Human,” and through her Spirit-Centred coaching practice where she combines mental health strategies with the principals of spiritual psychology.
Mandy is passionate about supporting people out of suffering and limitation and into fulfillment. Her superpowers of intuition and compassion help people breakthrough challenges that at one time seemed insurmountable. Bottom line: she helps people to the the clarity, support and momentum to make the necessary changes in their lives.

"Life may not always seem to give you what you want, but if you open yourself to it, you will realize that it always gives you exactly what you need."

As a mama to 3 big kids, I have realized this truth over and over again. What and WHO comes into our lives is always here to bring us back to ourselves. Sometimes this is done through the pure joy of unexpected, belly-filled laughter, while other times it's found in the depths of the pain that we find nursing in complete loneliness. Either way, as humans we struggle seeing the purpose in both experiences, but as Souls, things get clear.

And I believe, I am here to help people get clear.

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