And We Will Get Through This Too

conscious parenting mindful living mindfulness spiritual path Oct 21, 2021

Last night was a hard night. When one of my kiddos is struggling, I struggle.
Life is hard right now. It’s hard for everyone. I keep hearing people saying “good thing kids are so adaptable, they can quickly adjust to the times and it has very little effect.”
I keep hearing that but I’m seriously questioning if I really believe that or if that’s just something we say as parents or adults to make ourselves feel better.

One of the fundamental teachings in Buddhism is related to the karmic cycles that are created within us through every action that we take. A relative application of this to our modern-day science, is the creation of neural pathways in the brain.
Ultimately, what both schools of thought- science and spirituality, are trying to say is this: action creates memory, and that memory leads back to the action. This is how beliefs, habits, and even addictions are created.

And so yes, many children are resilient, but we would be doing them a disservice if we didn’t acknowledge the impact of these times on them. Because when we get through this (and we will), every action, every memory, every belief, and every new habit, will be fully manifest in the little human standing in front of you. And the goal (correct me if I’m wrong here), is to not only survive this pandemic, but to move through it with as much awareness and conscious action as possible so that when we emerge on the others side, we are all better people for it. 

And of course, that starts with ourselves first and then being that light and support for others. And I know we can do this if we are willing to listen.

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