The Beauty of Starting Over

mindful living spiritual path | Posted Nov 02, 2021

Just last month, my husband and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary. And call me sentimental, but these markers have always been a threshold for me to stand on for a moment, and pause while I look backwards to see just how far I'd come. 

Growing up, I had not even once, witnessed my parents fighting. In fact, it wasn't until I was in my teens that I even realized that there was another version of marriage than what I had become used to. To say that my parents held the bar high was an understatement. They held hands everywhere we went and had several pairs (much to my HUGE embarrassment), of matching jackets. Even today, they've been married for 45 years and the completely normal nitpicking that happens in marriage that I am now bearing witness too, feels really freaking weird. But they still have a way of laughing off the disagreements and rolling with the punches that life is taking at them. 

If it wasn't for the modelling of their relationship I would've likely set...

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Rest, Don't Quit

I had a really big, a really ugly, and a really good cry this week. And, somewhere during that cry, something shifted for a brief second while I stopped, stood back, and tried to remember the last time I cried like that- and I couldn’t.

I couldn’t put my finger on exactly why I was crying, but john being the incredible fixer that he was, needed to know so that he had something to fix. But the longer his “give me a clue” list became, the more frustrated I was getting with his need to figure it out. Didn’t he see that I just needed to cry?

After what felt like a pound of tears mixed with a cocktail of fierce frustration towards my husband, I finally yelled, “I’m just tired! I’m so, so tired.”

And just like that, I found it. The bottom. And now I had somewhere to curl up and rest a while.

10 minutes before that, I was, in my head, building the boat, packing my bags, and setting sail to the most remote island where I didn’t have...

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Let Go and Let God

meditation mindfulness spiritual path | Posted Oct 21, 2021

It’s taken me a few weeks to write this post (mainly to give time for the tears to dry up), but yesterday was my first family day in 19 years that I didn’t have all of my babies living under one roof.

My oldest moved out recently and though these things are always hard, I am so proud of her for taking the step to move on with her life.

One of the great truths is that every single human being on this planet shares the need for progress. Whether you feel this through the body, the mind, or even in your soul, we’ve all come here to evolve....and when that’s not happening, we experience the consequences of that.

The last year has been hard for all of us in our own ways. But if you’re feeling the anxiety of spinning tires, or, the depression of being stuck, please know that inherent within you is the desire to evolve, to move on, and to get busy living.

And in our own little ways, we don’t need to wait for someone else to tell us when it’s...

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And We Will Get Through This Too

Last night was a hard night. When one of my kiddos is struggling, I struggle.
Life is hard right now. It’s hard for everyone. I keep hearing people saying “good thing kids are so adaptable, they can quickly adjust to the times and it has very little effect.”
I keep hearing that but I’m seriously questioning if I really believe that or if that’s just something we say as parents or adults to make ourselves feel better.

One of the fundamental teachings in Buddhism is related to the karmic cycles that are created within us through every action that we take. A relative application of this to our modern-day science, is the creation of neural pathways in the brain.
Ultimately, what both schools of thought- science and spirituality, are trying to say is this: action creates memory, and that memory leads back to the action. This is how beliefs, habits, and even addictions are created.

And so yes, many children are resilient, but we would be doing them a...

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