Join Mandy for 21-Days of meditation, synchronicity, and magic as you tap into the 7 spiritual laws of the universe and harness the power of manifestation

21-Days To Manifesting Your Greatest Desires Starts Now!  

Tired of feeling like everyone else is getting ahead but you can't catch a break? Are your heart + your head full of big dreams and a big vision but your life doesn't reflect that?

I am inviting you to step up and commit to yourSELF for 21-days and see just how simple it can be to start waking up to a life that feels like a dream (a really, really good one, that is!)

But, this will require that you put down the martyr card and step away from the belief that "nothing good every happens" to you.

I strongly believe that the moment you ALLOW good things to happen and you begin to consciously co-create your future, things start coming together VERY quickly. I believe this because I've seen this in my own life as well as in the lives of thousands of other people who've I've served and supported over the years. And now, you too can be another story of desire fulfilled into magical manifestation.


“Eliminate All Doubt And Replace It With The Full Expectation That You Will Receive What You Are Asking For.” – Rhonda Byrne


The challenge starts January 9th. You'll get the support you need to begin a brand new year with methods that will serve you for a lifetime!

 Inside the 21-Day Manifesting Challenge, you'll experience:

  • 21-Days of LIVE, High-frequency meditations to raise your vibration and open your heart to manifesting your desires.
  • Access to all recorded meditations to use at your convenience.
  • Valuable teachings on Deepak Chopra's "7 Spiritual Laws," and practical + powerful strategies for using them to manifest quickly.
  • PLUS a LIVE Manifesting Ceremony and Q&A to close out the challenge.


How it Works:


  • Learn how to set intentions and create a clear vision for what you want.
  • From January 9-29, Join me LIVE every day from 6:30-6:50am mst. for a power-packed meditation (the recording will also be available after the livestream is over.)
  • Learn more and meditate with one of the 7 Spiritual Laws each day. Daily, homework exercises will be given. (*this is the challenge part!)
  • Learn how to write your own manifesto during our final ceremony and LIVE Q+A on January 30.


One of the biggest reasons that people don't experience success is a lack of accountability. This MANIFEST challenge is full of meditations and teachings, BUT perhaps the best part is the live lessons and the community of support! 


21-Day MANIFEST Challenge


  • 21 days of daily LIVE manifestation meditations
  • 6 month access to all recordings from the challenge
  • Closing ceremony with LIVE Q&A 
  • Community connection through "The Practice" FaceBook group

Challenge + The Practice


  • 21 days of LIVE manifestation meditations
  • Unlimited access to all recordings
  • Closing ceremony with LIVE Q&A
  • Community connection through "The Practice" community private Kajabi group
  • Unlimited access to The Practice library of over 100 meditations, masterclasses, and full moon breathwork ceremonies.

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