Introduction to meditation

Introduction to meditation

Learn how the simple science, philosophy and practice of meditation can help you to immediately stress less and smile more.


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Introduction to meditation

let's start with stress

let's start with stress
  • Stress is a normal part of life and  is a response designed to help us grow through problem solving
  • The skill of resiliency is one that we learn by moving through stressful times and gaining confidence in our ability to overcome
  • However, with the amount of "stressors" in the world today, many people are experiencing heightened states of anxiety and depression, making it difficult to clear the mind and seek solutions
  • This leads to challenges with physical health, sleep, healthy relationships etc.
  • By understanding the science of stress and how the practice of meditation can help, you can begin to change your physical and mental state immediately

If you are feeling any of this, you are not alone. I used to be in your shoes. By the time I was 29, I had 3 young children, and a husband that was busy building a business and was never home. On top of that, my oldest child was (and still is), struggling with extreme anxiety and OCD. I was still trying to carve out time from my career as a personal trainer, but felt the pull to learn more about my own mental health as well as those that were under my care. This lead me to the Chopra Centre in California and onto a very important path that I would eventually open to others through my own teacher trainings. I can promise you now that after certifying over 3,000 people to become meditation teachers, that the knowledge that is gained in addition to the meditation practice itself, has been critical in helping others through this recent pandemic. What I've witnessed is nothing short of magical: people who may have only been attending classes for themselves, have been able to step in and support those they love based on the fact that they have a practice that works for them AND the knowledge of how to apply it to others.

BENEFITS of this course

BENEFITS of this course
  • The world is full of stress and uncertainty, that's a fact. But during this short course, you will learn how to prepare for, and rise above, the things you cannot control
  • Learn how stress accumulates and how to discharge the energy of anxiety, fear, and heaviness
  • Discover a VERY simple technique that can be practiced every day that will boost your mood (and outlook on life)
  • Know why it is that some people thrive and prosper from hard times while others struggle and fall into a deficit


  • You find yourself constantly triggered by the world around you.
  • You feel that you are constantly giving yourself a pep-talk to see the "bright-side" of things
  • You know that stress and anxiety are NOT the way you choose to live
  • You can't see the opportunities that exist in your struggles but know they are there somewhere!


It's amazing to me how quickly one can feel lighter, more optimistic, and in charge of their life. I wish that everyone would take this course to see just how good they can feel.

- Wes Inaba

Best f'ing thing you will ever do!!!!

- Jillian S.

Mandy is a teacher full of heart, love, and knowledge. For anyone looking for a path beyond their stress and into a life of more meaning and purpose, it starts here. 

- Julianna Bootsman


Is this course for beginners?

Absolutely! This course is designed to share the basic fundamentals of stress: what causes it, how it effects us, and how meditation can be extremely effective in reversing the effects of stress. Personally, we feel that everyone, beginner or advanced, could benefit from learning more about what makes them tick!

How long is the course?

This is called a "mini-course" for a reason! We want you to learn just enough to get you started and feeling better asap! For that reason, we've broken the content down into a few simple sections that give you an opportunity to learn and then to integrate.

How long do I need to meditate to see results?

When it comes to meditation, it's not about how long, but how often. Think of it like this: What's better: brushing your teeth everyday for 1 minute, or brushing your teeth once a week for 7 minutes? 

Oral hygiene and mental/spiritual hygiene are no different. Daily practice keeps you grounded, clear, and inspired.

what will I learn?

During this course you will learn:

1. What are the causes of your stress and how does stress impact your body, mind, and spirit?

2. How does meditation help to reduce the compounding impact of stress on your health?

3. How does meditation help to increase creative problem solving and spiritual connection?


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