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The practice by Mandy Trapp™

A Community where heart-led individuals get the inspiration, education and support to move through life's most difficult challenges towards the joy and freedom of simply being.

The Practice

The Practice

The Practice


We believe that the practice is NOT about taking you out of the world, but teaching you how to be in it. It can help you to replace fear with courage, anxiety with confidence, and hopelessness with love. But to truly reap the benefits, you will require 3 things: Knowledge, inspiration, and support.

And that's why we're here.

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Join a community of heart-centered humans creating change through self-awareness and service.

New Here? Thank you for being here. We’ve been waiting for you.  You'll find that everyone who comes here is here to heal, to remember, and to create a life that feels more aligned. Here, our medicine is meditation, laughter, and the deep breaths taken at first glance of a community that has your back. Welcome to The Practice.

Develop a ritual that supports a life of greater inspiration, ease & well-being


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  • The Practice: weekly 60-minute sessions with conversational insights and a fully guided meditation experience. Soothe your nervous system and recharge your light.
  • Full Moon Ceremony: a 90-minute ceremony where we recalibrate our vibration to the specific energy of the month and practice manifestation and intention.
  • Masterclasses: Monthly 2-hour knowledge sharing lessons that leave you with practical insights and inspired actions to live a more holistic and balanced lifestyle.
  • Digital Library: Never miss out! Enjoy instant access to our library with video replays and workbooks from past sessions.

Coming up in the practice by Mandy Trapp™

Coming up in the practice by Mandy Trapp™

September // Unleash Your Power

Meet you power animal, unlock your heart, and re-learn how to see the beauty that surrounds you.

October // Recapitulation

Meet the spirit keeper of your mind and walk with them through the unwinding of old beliefs and the healing of memories from this life and beyond.

November // Past-Life Progression

Walk with your past-life guides, collapse karmic cycles, and ignite soul-seeded wisdom for your personal transformation.





Weekly guided meditations

Monthly Full Moon Ceremony

Monthly Workshop 

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Weekly guided meditations

Monthly Full Moon Ceremony

Monthly Workshop 

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A Message from Mandy..

The truth is, when it comes to spiritual growth, there are an abundance of books, online resources, and even social media promoting programs, courses, and trainings. It can be very overwhelming and in effect, cause us to take no action at all....causing us anxiety, frustration, and defeat. I know this to be true, because I once felt exactly the same way. Which is why it is so important to me to not only teach what I teach, but to do it in a way that is real, authentic, and progressive (as I continue to learn, YOU continue to learn).

You've come here to grow and to expand into the fullness of who you really are. Sounds fluffy? Trust me when I say that the moment you know who you are and why you're here, you will step into a confidence that dissolves the majority of your blocks and limitations. And that's exactly what I am here to help you do.



Having that community is part of my life and look forward to it every week.Thank you for being the teacher that you are. I am so blessed that I have you and this community in my life so we can grow together and create a better world .

- Debbie Marcellus, Canada

Your guidance course corrected the trajectory of my life. You held space for my crazy without judgement. You helped me so much, Mandy. Thank you!

- Krista S. Canada

I felt like I was on the edge and had no idea of how I was going to make it through one of the hardest times in my life. I then I found you and this community. I know it sounds dramatic, but I honestly feel like these "strangers" saved my life and restored my hope in the fact that there are so many good people in the world praying and working for peace.

- Brian K.

Experience the power of the practice™ for free

"Love After Death" will take you through a deep and moving exploration of what it truly means to love without limits. Recorded live during one of our weekly classes, this practice is a peek into what community members experience each and every week.


Is The Practice™ beginner friendly?

Absolutely! But if you are super green and a little nervous, we recommend that you begin by listening to Mandy’s “Introduction to Meditation” under the Free Meditations section on this website. 

How often should I do The Practice™?

Well, in a perfect world, we would like to say everyday! However, we realize that there may be other barriers (such as time), but do encourage you to spend at least 5 minutes each day in mindful movement, mindful breath, and of course, mindful silence. These Practices are full of tools and wisdom that you can begin to integrate back into your own guided practice immediately.

How can I access The Practice™?

The Practice by Mandy Trapp™ is hosted in our digital studio on a platform called Kajabi. Once you find your way into the studio, you will be asked to create an account. It is really important that you agree to receive emails from us that is the only way for us to communicate with you about your membership, upcoming classes, events, etc.

You can access The Practice™ from any Desktop (Chrome browser recommended), or download the mobile app to stream onto your iPhone, iPad, Android phones, or Android Tablets.

How much does The Practice™ membership cost?

Membership cost is $35/month with no contact or commitment.

The monthly workshop and Full Moon ceremony is included in your membership.  

Special events and retreats offered by Mandy Trapp outside of The Practice may be offered at an additional cost.