life made clear

life made clear

life made clear

The science is now conclusive; individuals, leaders, and their teams are far more resilient, effective, and fulfilled when they experience a clear, deep, and concise sense of their guides + their guiding purpose.

Are you calling in greater support and mentorship?

If you're on your spiritual path, but still get pulled into life's dramas, then it's time for a shift in perspective.

Whether the clarity and support you are seeking is personal in nature, or business related, my 1 on 1 spiritual coaching sessions will give you both a birds eye view of your situation as well as clear and accessible paths for moving forward.

As an intuitive medium with nearly 20 years of experience wrapped in the science + practice of human growth and development, my job is to reveal all that is sitting just out of sight for you.

At times, these limitations can be due to a lack of awareness, education, and experience, but other times it can be due to the unconscious blocks that you may have that close your perceptions off from extra-sensory experiences.

These sessions will undoubtedly clarify WHO you are and WHY you are here. But because it's not enough to simply know these things, we will tap into WHAT your guides are offering as your best, next steps for moving forward. 


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Spiritual Guidance Session (60 min.)

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Primordial Sound Meditation (120 min.)

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Shamanic Breathwork (60-75 min.)

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