Hi, I'm Mandy Trapp

An expert in the field of mindfulness + meditation, Speaker, Educator, and the host of the Waking Up Human Podcast. 

And, I am a modern-day spiritual teacher who's here to shake things up and show others that the happiness and freedom that they crave is much closer than they think.
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Your Power Animal

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Our #1 need is for progress. When we feel stuck or misdirected we suffer physically, mentally, and spiritually. And despite how hard we try, the solution isn't found in material things or "thinking positively," it can only be found in surrendering to the unknown. To courageously step away from what's comfortable and familiar, is to reach for something even better than what you could have ever imagined.


Discover transformational wisdom on the cutting edge of human development.

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Individual and small group spiritual guidance every step along the way

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The Practice

Learn, experience, and transform in a community of like-spirited individuals 

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Monthly live sessions in Edmonton, AB.

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Whether you’re already part of a rich spiritual tradition or someone just beginning to seek a spiritual path, you're in the right place.

Here, we dive deep on all things spirituality, open our minds to new perspectives, learn about the latest scientific findings, explore some well-researched and non-secular spiritual practices, and discover the true value that an awakened state of being can add to your daily life.

Listen to the Waking Up Human Podcast with Mandy Trapp

Waking Up Human, is an intimate, conversation-style podcast for modern-day seekers. Whether searching for clarity to life's existential questions, or needing a fresh perspective on how to parent, run a business, or find your way as the black sheep in a flock of beige, you're in the right place. This podcast will give you the inspiration, motivation, and tools to live as the spiritual being you are, while still honouring (and making sense of) your human experience. Hear the wisdom of the ancients in a way that makes sense while taking you from where you are to where you most desire to be.

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