I left a successful career as a personal trainer, sat down on my cushion, and followed my heart to build a platform and a community that looked at health and well-being differently. Nearly a decade later, I educate others on the science and wisdom of living a physically, mentally, and spiritually fit life.

"It took me years to "come out of the closet" and share with others the way that I had been seeing the world since I was just a little girl. Funny thing is, when I began sharing that I was clairvoyant and highly intuitive (and accredited my decisions and success to what my instincts and guides had been sharing with me), I began to meet others on my path that graciously took me under their wing and mentored me on my journey as both a student and a teacher. And now, 20 years later, I am blessed to do the same for others.


Before I opened Canada’s first mainstream meditation centre in 2016, I had already spent nearly 20 years studying and teaching mindfulness and meditation. As a student of Dr. Deepak Chopra, I was learning how to blend ancient wisdom with modern science and integrated the teachings back into my own life, as a busy mom of 3. And while I was finding great success for myself, I couldn’t help but to share it in my existing work as an athletic trainer with both weekend warriors and high performance athletes.

The demand for my education and leadership with mental and emotional health was beginning to tip the scales and in 2012 I decided to commit myself full-time to the growing field of meditation and mindfulness.

Lifestyle Meditation was formed later that year and I began writing and delivering teacher training programs. Now, Lifestyle Meditation has grown to include a team of facilitators and international training venues, while certifying over 3000 meditation teachers around the world.

But that's not where the story ends. When covid hit and I was forced to close the studio, a quick pivot online allowed me to expand my community and step up my service....and what my intuition had been preparing me for since the fateful day that I walked away from training and jumped with two feet into mental and spiritual health. The inner niggles that something was up, were getting stronger and stronger as the years, months, and days wore on. And just a couple of short years before the pandemic swept the world up into a whirlwind of chaos, I received an even greater message of what was coming during a trip to Mount Shasta, California. After receiving that call, it was clear to me that my purpose was much greater than I had ever previously thought. 

I am grateful beyond words to be alive and in service during this incredible time of transformation on the planet. In many ways, I feel like a midwife, initiating the full physical, mental, and spiritual birth of all others that come across my path. The experiences have been extraordinary and the stories almost unbelievable. And yet...I know we've just begun.


Receive Your Own Spiritual Guidance!

Receive Your Own Spiritual Guidance!

Receive Your Own Spiritual Guidance!

Need a fresh set of eyes ( I happen to have 3!), and some wisdom to help you get unstuck in love, life, or business?

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