Reinventing the Wheel

Live Meditation + Breathwork Experience

This Breathwork process is a powerful shamanic psycho-spiritual tool that greatly assists in irrigating suppressed emotions and held beliefs, while opening up higher states of consciousness and expanded perspectives of the world around you.

In this work, Mandy Trapp and a group of supporting facilitators lovingly assist through sequences of symbolic death and rebirth that results in major life transformations.

Ride the waves of meditation, music, deep + connected breathing, and visual cues as you feel the power of community and the undeniable guidance of your spirit guides!

What is Breathwork and is it right for you?


I first tried breathwork as a participant in 2003. I began my deeper study from there and began working with this modality as a practitioner in 2008 weaving a unique skill set and background into my work. There are so many different lineages and practices of breathwork. While it doesn’t have a particular name beyond breathwork, the teachers I learned this work from have their roots in "Transformational Breathing." I place it within and alongside traditions of ancient breath practices like Pranayama and newer practices like Holotropic.

It’s a multi-part fast-paced breath that quickly connects you to your own energy and wisdom. If you’re looking to be an active and engaged part of your own healing, breathwork can take you to where you desire to go. The practice does ask you to dig deep, show up to, and take responsibility for your own healing, with the guidance and support of me AND any others that may be sharing in the practice with you. It is unbelievably powerful! It requires your full participation.

It is one of many vital tools for navigating trauma, recovery, and healing.

Upcoming Experiences

Live Meditation + Breathwork Experiences

Chakras, Chants, and Transformation

Be prepared to blow your mind wide open and question "what is reality?" Experiencers will journey with the spirit animal that guards and guides the mind, while using the power of the breath to access expanded states of consciousness.

Friday, October 28 // 7:00-9:00pm // Centre for Spiritual Living 

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  • General Entry at 6:45pm
  • Includes Guided Meditation + Breathwork Ceremony
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  • Labyrinth Walk at 6:00-6:30pm
  • Early entry to claim your space
  • Post event recorded meditation by Mandy Trapp: "Walking with your power animal"
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  • Everything in VIP 
  • 60 min. private session with Mandy: Spiritual Guidance with Your Power Animal
  • Only 10 Tickets Available
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When the Breath is Still...

When the breath is unsteady, all is unsteady; when the breath is still; all is still. Control the breath carefully. Inhalation gives strength and a controlled body; retention gives steadiness of mind and longevity; exhalation purifies body and spirit.

~ Goraksasathakam

"I absolutely can’t wait for tomorrow night! It is going to be life-changing. I have felt this with a building certainty all week."

Charla C. 

"I met you at [an event] in April. It was my first experience with breathwork and it completely changed my life (I don’t say that lightly)..."

Lanna T